eScrow Italia is the guarantor that participates as a third party in the online transaction that takes place between two users, with the function of releasing the money only when the seller and buyer have complied with all the conditions of sale established, ie the money will be sent to the seller only when the Buyer will send confirmation of having received the agreed goods or services.
This eliminates the risk of online scams for both the seller and the buyer.

How eScrow works

  • The buyer and seller agree among themselves and establish the terms of their transaction;
  • The buyer and seller register on the website and accept the terms of the transaction;
  • The buyer pays the amount of the good or service to eScrow Italia on the trust deposit account;
  • eScrow Italia verifies the payment and notifies the seller that the sum has been received correctly;
  • The seller sends the goods or provides the agreed service with the buyer correctly;
  • The buyer accepts the goods or service and notifies eScrow Italia with a click;

eScrow Italia pays the seller by completing the online transaction in total security.

eScrow retains a 3% rate on every successful transaction.