Private Users
eScrow Italia is aimed to all people who make online transactions. Our deposit account services guarantee the success of your online purchase with just a few clicks. Our experts are available to assist you in case of need.
Sicurezza, tranquillità e convenienza.
Safety, tranquility and convenience.
The buyer makes a payment with the assurance that his funds will be guaranteed until the transaction is completed.

Business users

eScrow Italia for Business users provides the online escrow service, offering a series of advantages for companies that choose to make a transaction with it.
eScrow Italia guarantees that all buyers and sellers are protected in the same way by retaining the funds sent by the buyer to the trust account in safe custody. The seller sends the goods only after the buyer has made the full payment to eScrow Italia.
The seller receives the money from the online sale only after confirming receipt of the goods or service to eScrow Italia.
Tranquility, security and convenience.
Payments are always guaranteed for the seller and will be credited to him after sending the goods or providing the agreed service.